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Professional Web Design Bolton

Professional Web Design BoltonWeb Design FX offers a full range of Web Design skills and services ranging from basic web sites, to full content management web sites.

You can view some of the web sites created by Web Design FX in our portfolio section.

Our Web Design process is broken down into five steps:

  1. Picking Domain Name and Web Hosting
  2. Website Planning
  3. Website Design
  4. Website Construction
  5. Website Marketing (Search Engine Optimisation - SEO)

1 : Picking Domain Name and Web Hosting

Picking a Domain Name and Web Hosting package is the first step to having a website built. The Domain Name is the name the user will type in to the internet browser to access the website (e.g.

The website will require Web Hosting for the files to be stored. Web Design FX can offer different web hosting packages to suite your website needs, click here to view our web hosting packages.

Once the Domain Name and Web Hosting have been choosen, we will then move on to the Website Planning stage.

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2 : Website Planning

Planning your website structure, purpose, goals, and navigation is the most important step in creating a successful online business. If done with vision and foresight, it will save you considerable time and money down the road. We will work together to answer such questions as...

  • What's the goals for your website?
  • Who's your online audience targeted at?
  • What's the scope of the project?
  • How many pages do you want and how will it be structured?
  • What kind of first impression do you want your visitors to have?
  • Who will provide photos and copy-content & how will it be provided?
  • Will you need a corporate identity and logo designed?
  • What are your deadlines? etc...

The answers to these questions will be our guide throughout the Website Design and Website Construction process.

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3: Website Design

In the web design stage the goal is to visually implement the web graphics, color, style, and webpage layouts, basically the thoughts and ideas we establish in the planning stage.

A good way to convey what style you want, is to provide the web addresses or URLs of other websites you like. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. What websites do you find attractive? Are there any you would like to visually emulate? Of course these websites won't be copied, but are a great source to see the styles that appeal to you and your business.

Once I understand your design parameters, I will then create a custom template or shell design of just the home page. It will be posted online for you to review. We'll discuss likes, dislikes, possible changes, additions, and modifications to the initial design. It's important at this stage to get the design exactly as you want it because it will serve as the style template for the remainder of the site.

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4: Website Constuction

The construction phase encompasses the merging of your copy and image content with the approved design template. As I'm producing your pages, I'll be posting them into a directory which you can view.

The first pages to be constructed after the home page are your top-tiered link pages. These are the core pages of your website and the ones most likely to be visited first. As more and more pages are completed, you in turn are reviewing them to assure we're continually heading in the direction you envisioned.

I consider the site temporary until you have given your final stamp of approval. Before "officially" launching the site, I will do a thorough testing of your links, spelling, browser compatibility, and load times.

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5: Website Marketing (Search Engine Optimisation - SEO)

Search engine optimisation must be considered after your site has been thoroughly tested and uploaded to your web hosting server. Search engines are the most common way for Internet users to find relevant web sites, web pages, news stories, and other links. Not having search engine optimisation would be like building a brand-new store and not telling anyone about it.

If you require more information on website marketing (SEO), please go to our web marketing page.

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